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  1. Angela Pitts Says:

    wonderful photos as usual. Hope your travels are going well and that you are keeping well too. I’m in London where we are experiencing a heat wave while Tarifa shivers in the rain! It was lovely to see Rafa and he was in good form. I had my daughter Ginny and her boyfriend to stay last week. Now I’m at my son’s house and we are making hot ross buns (old English tradition on Good Friday!) On Sunday we bury the Easter eggs in the garden and have an egg hunt! We have to find them before the squirrels or foxes eat them. Miss you a lot but there’s so much buildig going on nearby that it’s a good thing you are away. Take care, lots of love, Angela xxx

    • Hola Angela,
      since 10 days we are in Mexico, a beautiful country I am sure you would like it. Normally in more or less one week we will arrive to USA. Still we have a long way to Alaska but we already know that we will ship our car to Spain from Montreal end august/beginning sept. I haerd from Rafael that there is quite some work in the «barrio»! Hope everything will be finished when we will be back. I although miss you and I am looking forward come home for some «long» time! How and where is Roger? Lots of love Petra and Luis

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